Printronix P8000/P8000H Open Pedestal(E-LMP-02)


Printronix P8000/P8000H

The P8000/P8000H Cartridge series delivers the most flexible design, adaptable functionality and manageable savings of any line matrix printer. The Open Pedestal models combine a small rolling footprint with ease of forms retrieval:

  • Compact enough to move around in just about any industrial environment
  • Optional acoustic shroud offers comfortable noise reduction without impeding quick access to print jobs
  • Seamless integration into your current workflow will enable you to reap the benefits from the improved reliability, productivity and environmental advantages
  • Unmatched durability and superior print quality resulting from patented technologies and a choice of speeds to handle your company‚Äôs individual printing requirements and challenges
  • Print Speeds:
    • P8000: 500 to 1,000 lines per minute
    • P8000H: 300 to 600 lines per minute